Finance Projects

  •  Analysis of Investment Decisions
  • Commodity Trading & Investor Awareness 
  • Commodity Trading With Special Reference to Gold & Silver 
  • Comparative Analysis of Stock Broking Firms 
  • Capital Budgeting 
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Forex Market with Special Reference to INR vs USD 
  • Derivatives : Overview / Futures / Options 
  • Study on Derivatives with Special Reference to Futures
  • Study on Derivatives with Special Reference to Options
  • Risk Management using Derivatives
  • Trading Strategies using Options
  • Dividend Policies 
  • Equity Analysis : Automobile Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Finance & Banking Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Cement Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Energy & Power Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Metals & Steel Sectors 
  • Equity Analysis : Pharma Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Telecom Sector 
  • Equity Analysis : Technology Sector 
  • Imports – Exports 
  • Insurance As an Investment Strategy 
  • Comparative Analysis of Unit Linked Insurance Plans 
  • Comparative Analysis of Insurance Companies
  • Comparative Analysis of Home Loans
  • Comparative Analysis of Car Loans
  • Financial Performance Analysis of Specific Companies 
  • Foreign Direct Investments 
  • Foreign Institutional Investments
  • Foreign Exchange Markets 
  • Initial Public Offerings 
  • Investments in Financial Markets 
  • Investment Avenues in India 
  • Investment Pattern of Women Investors
  • Impact of Exchange Rate on Stock Markets
  • Impact of Corporate News on Investment Decisions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Mutual Funds : Investor Awareness 
  • Mutual Funds : Comparative Analysis of Sectoral Funds 
  • Comparative Analysis of Private & Public Sector Mutual Funds
  • Comparative Study of Exchange Traded Funds Vs Gold Traded Funds 
  • Online Trading 
  • Mobile Trading
  • Portfolio Management 
  • Retail Lending 
  • Stock Index & Factors Affecting Share Prices 
  • Share Broking Franchisee Business 
  • Study on Price Volatility in the Stocks of BSE 
  • Study on Price Volatility in the Stocks of NSE 
  • Venture Capital 
  • Financial Performance Analysis 
  • Ratio Analysis of Specific Companies 

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